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In 2007 UNTAMED started as an ambitious juvenile arts project.

We wanted to proove to ourselves that one can accomplish anything able to imagine.


Young. Aggressive & Playful we aimed to emerge into a socially engaged project

even though we were unsure how that format would look like. At that point of time Parkour &

Freerunning was not considered to be an urban art form.


Dr. John C. Lilly points out in three sentences  that is totally obvious once stated, and yet will totally revolutionize your world once you begin to really understand it:


“In the province of the mind, what is believed true or is true or becomes true, within limits to be found, experimentally and experientially. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits.”


Timothy Leary used to say it even more simply, back in the 1960s:

„You can be anything you want to be, this time around“.


Maybe we cannot change the world or make it better and maybe it is not even necessary.

But we can take care of our people, learn from each other and pass on knowledge to be able

to learn how we can utilize our resources to the fullest.


UNTAMED® Parkour & Freerunning Association intends to support sports, youth and their

education aswell as to nourish our culture. We are working on promoting the great use of  Parkour & Freerunning to the point where it becomes of public interest to realize a local in- and outdoor project.


At UNTAMED® Parkour & Freerunning you can train with us even if you have not the financial liquidity to pay us.  Together with our City Council we will find a way and leave doors open for everyone, especially Kids and Teenagers to have a place where they can get themselves together and going.


We contribute our share to prevent delinquency by focusing on underprivileged urban districts.


Why Parkour & Freerunning or Urban Arts?


Many people talk about the global movement and the fun of traveling and having friends all over the planet, or the fun that it offers to the spectators aswell. We agree.


I would like to add the physical and psychological value to our athletes.

The school programs see running, jumping, climbing, swinging and learning together as goals during their curriculum. All of that offers Parkour & Freerunning.


With every step you take, with every obstacle that you have overcome, the perspective

towards obstacles is changing into: I see options.


The non-habitual movement changes the practitioners point of view and bridges the gap

from physical action to challenges of everyday life.  Actual studies show that movement within 3-D frames stimulate growth of neural connections and training on Airtracks for example can reduce symptoms of hyperactivity.


By overcoming fear in many situations where our bodies are confronted with unusual,

non-habitual movements or simply because we jump from higher positions we learn

to get in control or even better to get ourselves together.



Another reason would be architecture to us.


Since architecture is part of our culture and has great influence on the people,

one could say that there is some kind of an energetic exchange between men and building. When running thru the city a traceur energizes or rejuvenates his surroundings.


There are different kind of men.


Some like sports cause they can train among others and enjoy the company,

they make friendships, some may find a family or takeover social responsibilities.


Others want to physically feel themselves or they are looking for their personal limits,

or they are simply anxious for competition.


And some would be looking for spiritual development, philosophy and scientific findings

that training opens to them.


Parkour & Freerunning can offer all of the above and is a form of expression for the youth of our generation.  According to the different styles you can draw conclusions to cultural backgrounds

Our body is becoming instrument of expression.


Parkour & Freerunning is the worlds largest phenomenon at the time. A new discipline which combines elements from military obstacle running, Martial Arts and gymnastics with is its own code of conduct. 


Rigorous practice and applied wisdom allows the practitioners to develop their apparently Super-human abilities to the point where physical and psychological transcendence kicks in.


A new sport and lifestyle is out there, fueled by social media connectivity, the fundamental

joy of movement, blockbuster movies, games and the rapid formation of  Parkour associations.


How you can take part or support that development?


Why don’t you come by for training?

We would be happy to see you there.


Of course we are happy about new contacts,  personnel and you can support with bookings.

Just let us know if we can assist in any way and we are happy to be there for you.


Thank you for being there.